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As of late 2021, West Virginia citizens have experienced many blessings – from a recovering economy with more job opportunities to a stronger, more financially sound state, let’s move forward together.

We even saw the pros and cons of being in the national political limelight thanks to the steadfast leadership of Senators Manchin and Capito and our congressional delegation. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of DC, our leaders have not forgotten their roots, the people who helped them get into office, and the energy sector that is the bedrock of our state and nation.

Whether it’s heating homes, schools, and small businesses, driving manufacturing growth, advancing environmental goals, or creating opportunities for local high school, business, and college graduates, our world is brighter thanks to West Virginia’s natural gas.

Make no mistake, our industry fundamentals remain strong. We saw a year-over-year increase in natural gas production that made West Virginia the fifth largest energy producer in the country. And an additional pipeline expansion in 2022 will open new markets for our resource.

Natural gas exploration is West Virginia’s highest paid sector, supporting the careers of more than 82,000 West Virginians, from Weirton to Bluefield and everywhere in between.

The natural gas we produce at Mountain State is our economic engine and our climate plan – and the expansion of domestic and international natural gas use will continue to drive production growth, investment and job creation across West Virginia and reduce our overall global carbon footprint . It’s not rocket science – it’s Economics 101.

More US natural gas production is an all-round win-win situation. As we head into the winter season, the Americans turn up the heat, and it’s natural gas that keeps us warm. About 40% of households in West Virginia depend on natural gas for heating, as do about half of all American households.

While energy prices have risen recently thanks to higher US production due to numerous factors including poor political and regulatory decisions, Americans continue to benefit from significant energy savings at home and at the gas pump. Since 2008, households, businesses and manufacturers have saved $ 1.1 trillion as a result of increased production across the country, including Appalachia.

All citizens of West Virginia enjoy the energy savings that this industry creates – and when our industry does better, so does our state’s general financial condition.

Natural gas and oil tax revenues have contributed more than $ 3 billion to the state budget since 2008 – including hundreds of millions of dollars annually in severance payments and local property tax revenues, both of which directly support individual counties.

Communities rely on this vital source of income to perform the basic functions of local government – like maintaining roads, improving bridges and parks.

These blessings are just some of the positive effects the oil and gas industry has had on our state, much of which we have to share with our nation and our allies around the world.

As the world’s largest producer of oil and natural gas, our supply far exceeds domestic demand and gives us the opportunity to share these clean energy resources with the rest of the world. By 2022, the US is slated to be the world’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas – with Russia and the Middle East at the top. Our position as a globally reliable and reliable energy supplier strengthens our national security, is good for our climate and our economy at home.

While there are still many roadblocks in the New Year, the past two years have forced our industry to adapt and be resilient, preparing us for immense growth as we continue to expand and deliver more to American and global consumers.

We have a lot to look forward to as 2022 approaches, and we are grateful every day for the talent, courage and determination of our industry to provide the energy that drives our future.

Charlie Burd is the executive director of the Gas and Oil Association of West Virginia. Learn more at GOWV.com.

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