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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The government offers free incentives VAT Sale of luxury goods (PPnBM) for purchases car new this year to relieve the community in the midst of a pandemic Covid-19.

Indeed, the possibility of new tax incentives for cars will continue over the next year.

The industry minister Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita proposes to the finance minister Sri Mulyani that the tax exemption for people’s cars can be valid forever at a price of around Rp. 240 million.

So is this directive a good signal to buy a car?

OneShildt Financial Planning’s founder and director Budi Raharjo said government eases such as road tax exemptions could well be used. The reason is that in addition to the purchase price and the subsequent maintenance costs, the amount of vehicle tax is one of the things that have to be considered when buying a car.

“With so many promotions, PPnBM facilities and discounts, this is an opportunity,” Budi told

However, according to Budi, such incentives are not the most important reference for buying a car. Understandably, buying a car is similar to buying a house, requires large resources, and affects future cash flow, so careful planning is required.

Budi said there are at least two main reasons car purchases should be made. First, the purpose of buying a car.

For example, is it really necessary and urgent to support daily mobility? Or as business support? Or just prestige?

Second, financial possibilities. The reason for this is that the price to buy a car is higher than that of a motorcycle. The same applies to the costs of fuel, maintenance in the workshop, taxes and insurance premiums.

“Don’t let it be because a car is being forced to buy, even though its use is routinely tedious and infrequent, so the burden of installments and down payments ultimately leads to savings and savings,” he said.

third, consider economic and business conditions, including government policies.

“When there is a drastic change in the economy such as a recession, this needs to be taken into account,” he added.

FourthHow do I buy a car, is it cash or in installments?

CFP Learning & Development Manager Advisors Alliance Group Indonesia Andy Nugroho added, If you buy cash, you have to prepare well to save.

With installment payments, there is a certain amount of flexibility at the beginning. However, the solvency in the following months must be taken into account for existing expenses.

However, when they are cumulated, the actual cost becomes more expensive.

“Also, after it’s paid off and we sell the car, there will be a very significant price reduction that we will have to bear between the total amount we have to pay compared to the price of the car,” said Andy.

Fifth, buy a new or used car. According to Andy, a used car doesn’t matter as long as it meets the criteria for the needs, for example in terms of specifications, price and others. However, it needs to be checked whether or not a large additional repair fee is required.

When buying a new car, there are usually benefits in the form of a warranty, free maintenance for the first few years, and others, but the price is usually higher. This has an impact on down payments and installments.

Simulation of car purchase for workers with a salary of IDR 7 million



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