The President of the University of Iowa casts a huge shadow over Illinois over Hawkeyes’ Citrus Bowl appearance – archyde

Michael Hanich | 9 hours ago

No. 15 Iowa (10-3) will face No. 22 Kentucky (9-3) at the Citrus Bowl for one of the first college football games of the new year. Hawkeye Nation and fans love the celebrations leading up to the Kentucky game.

The President of the University of Iowa, Barbara Wilson, cheered the Iowa fans and cast a serious shadow on Illinois at the same time.

Wilson was happy to travel to Orlando with the teams as she said she wasn’t used to her soccer teams playing in bowl games. Prior to joining the University of Iowa President last July, Wilson was Executive Vice President / Vice President of Academic Affairs for the University of Illinois.

Illinois attended only one bowl game from 2015 to 2021, with the final bowl being the 2019 Redbox Bowl. Illinois would lose that game to California by a score of 35-20.

This is a serious shadow that the President of Iowa casts on her former school. But sport is more fun in this kind of rivalry.

The Citrus Bowl match between Iowa and Kentucky will be the first between the two schools.

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