Oops! The BlackBerry OS system will be completely dead by January 4th of this year – archyde

Device owner Blackberries The operating system (OS) will not make or receive calls, send SMS, use WiFi or access cellular data from January 4, 2022.

This policy applies to all cell phones that are running Blackberries 7.1 OS and earlier, operating system Blackberries 10 Dan Blackberries PlayBook OS 2.1 is tablet-based.

“As of January 4th, devices that run these old services and software over cellular providers or WiFi connections will no longer function reliably, including data, telephone, SMS and 9-1-1 functions,” said it in a statement from the company.

For users who use devices Blackberries Android-based, such as Blackberries Priv 2017 can still run the device.

application Blackberries Shortcut, Blackberries Desktop-Manager, Blackberries World, Blackberries Protection, Blackberries Messenger and Blackberries From this point onwards, Blend should have limited functionality.

Sign of “death” Blackberries actually seen in the last few years, they stopped their famous service in 2019, Blackberries Messenger or BBM.

In addition, system updates will be made for Blackberries The last OS was shipped in 2013, eight years ago.

In September last year, Blackberries announced that legacy systems will be decommissioned prior to the January 4th retirement date. Since quitting the smartphone game, Blackberries reinvented itself as an internet security software company helping governments and the like.

Initially, Blackberries famous for email security and platform Blackberries Delivery boy. In September 2020 the company said Blackberries focuses on providing security software and services to businesses and governments around the world.

Since reaching out to enterprise software and cybersecurity companies, they have received a number of requests for ongoing support plans Blackberries 7.1 Operating system Blackberries 10.

“In 2017 we committed to at least two more years of support for Blackberries 10 and at least two years of network access Blackberries for BBOS devices, ”they added.


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