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At around 12 noon, the police traveled to Minnesund in the Eidsvoll community after a complaint about a break-in in a kindergarten.

– Two windows were broken and people were reported to have been there. It is a little uncertain what was still removed, say the police.

You have created a case for the incident that was reported.

Must have tried stealing fireworks

But already on Friday night, the police received a report from a security company about a break-in at Akershus tractor on Industrivegen in Jessheim.

The perpetrators had left the scene when the police arrived. A crime scene investigation was conducted in connection with the break-in, but it is uncertain whether anything was stolen.

Early in the morning The police were contacted by a person who believed someone was trying to break into a container filled with fireworks in the center of Fetsund.

On the way to the scene of the crime, the police patrol met the car with the people who are said to have been behind the attempted break-in.

– They tried to evade control by, among other things, turning off the light on the car, says Operations Manager Svein Walle in the East Police Station.

Three people were eventually arrested by the police.

When the police checked the car they were in, they did not find fireworks, but a crowbar and hacksaw.

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Must have tried to break into this container with fireworks – so the young people tried to escape from the police

Statue removed from temple

Burglary is toughwas also in a temple in Skedsmokorset.

– The message was that someone tried to enter the address. When the police patrol arrived at the scene, they found a ladder that stood after a wall and a broken window, said the head of operations in the East Police Station, Andreas Paulsen, to Romerikes Blad.

Two thieves allegedly took away a statue that was on the outside of the building. The statue will be worth around 10,000 crowns.

– We made sure that the surveillance images were good and based on that we have a few suspects in binoculars, says Paulsen.

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