Heavy rain this morning, snow showers on Sunday – nach Welt

Happy New Year! Heavy rain continues in Region 8 this morning. Several spots have already seen 2-4 “inches, another 2-3 inches are possible by this afternoon. Flash floods are likely, so avoid water-covered roads today. In areas where it hasn’t rained much, the temperatures are still warm. Here the serious threat can persist into the late morning and early afternoon. Hopefully the rain will stabilize this part of Region 8 as well and reduce our serious threat. If a storm can get violent, wind and tornadoes are the main threats. The chances of rain decrease with the temperatures this evening. We will enter the 30s at midnight, and Sunday highs may not be above freezing. All snow showers are light and unlikely to leave snow behind. The grass turning green again is a pretty good sign that the ground is way too warm. In the worst case, some spots in the flat areas of Region 8 could gain an inch, but that seems unlikely. The air temperature can drop into the teenage range on Monday morning. Cold air remains this week with another chance of snow showers on Thursday.

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