Eurovision table Måneskin was not allowed to be cleaned | Stars – to the world

“This table suddenly became my ‘main focus’. I had to and wanted it, ”says Van Vught. “No cleaners were allowed there. Nobody was allowed to clear this table. This table had to be secured. “

The four moderators Chantal Janzen, Jan Smit, Edsilia Rombley and Nikkie de Jager were instructed not to speak about the incident in the media from above. “We went upstairs and they said: you’ll all be at Op1 in no time, but don’t start with coke or Italy. And I thought: What ?! ”Janzen looked back. De Jager couldn’t believe it either. “I said: well, you can do a lot in this room, but snorting Coke is not one of them.”

Drug test

In the end, De Jager turned out to be the right one. After the excitement about his alleged drug use, David took a drug test, which came back negative.

The singer of the Italian rock group seemed to sniff coke in the so-called “green room”. When he was in the picture, he happened to lean towards the table and make a sniffing motion. The video got widespread coverage on social media. The singer himself stated that a glass broke near the table and he was cleaning it up.

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