Dishub escorts luxury cars and fights towards Bogor, finally getting a ticket to plead guilty – nach Welt

The police in Bogor in Satlantas, West Java, took action against members of the Bekasi City Transportation Service (Dishub) on Friday (31.12.021) for daring to open the traffic at the exit of the Ciawi Toll Road or Puncak Bogor Route To fight Simpang Gadog. . (Source: KOMPAS.COM/AFDHALUL IKHSAN)

DISTRICT BOGOR, KOMPAS.TV – The apparatus of the Bekasi City Transportation Service (Dishub) has to deal with the traffic unit of the police of Bogor, West Java, on Friday (December 31, 2021).

This came after members of the transportation authority decided to tackle traffic at the exit of the Ciawi Toll Road or the Puncak Bogor Route, Simpang Gadog, Bogor.

The employee of the Bekasi City Transportation Agency named Dede Fakhrudin Suhendi (42) really wanted to drive against the current from Jakarta to Puncak.

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The red license limousine he was driving was escorting family members from the Bekasi city council.

The car with the registration number B1005KQA drove against the current until it hit the right lane and nearly collided with a vehicle from Puncak.

“In this regard, it turned out that the convoy we saw jumped from the queue after we stopped it and it turned out to be from the Bekasi City Transportation Agency,” said the head of regulation -, guard, escort and patrol unit (Kanit Turjawali) from the Bogor Polres Satlantas, Ipda Ardian Noviantasari at the location, Friday. as quoted by

Luxury Car Escort

Ardian said the Dishub car was escorting two luxury cars that were sitting in common people suspected of having close ties with the Bekasi City government.

The driver was asked to go against the current and look for ways to avoid the pile of vehicles.

Ardian said people with close ties to the government have asked Dishub members to escort them to the Pullman Vimala Hills Ciawi Hotel.


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