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Former New York Police Commissioner and Donald Trump Allies Bernard Kerik handed over a plethora of documents to investigators working with the House Special Committee for January 6th.

Political reports that Kerik’s lawyer, Timothy Parlator, abandoned the documents, which contained several strategies Trump and his staff had been considering to exploit Trump’s attempt to legally challenge his 2020 election defeat. A long set of documents is called “STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION PLAN – GIULIANI PRESIDENTIAL LEGAL DEFENSE TEAM”.

Kerik is an ally of Rudy Giulianis, and the documents reportedly contained a proposal to rely on Republican lawmakers from 6 swing states to get them to vote against confirming Trump’s loss Joe Biden.

“The document states that major channels for spreading news about these efforts were ‘tweets from the president’ as well as talk radio, conservative bloggers, social media influencers, Trump campaign volunteers and other media allies,” the report explains . It also stated that members of the House Freedom Caucus – many of whom supported Trump’s attempts to reject the election – were identified as “key team members” who would be involved in executing the strategy.

Kerik also reportedly provided documents detailing his email correspondents with staff about paying for rooms at the Willard Hotel. The hotel is where Trump’s allies set up their “war room” against the 2020 elections, and these strategy meetings have been a main focus of investigators in preparation for January 6th.

Parlatore also gave the committee a “privilege record” of documents Kerik did not offer the committee. One of them was reportedly titled “DRAFT LETTER FROM POTUS TO SOAP EVIDENCE IN THE INTEREST OF NATIONAL SECURITY FOR THE 2020 ELECTIONS”.

“Trump ultimately voted against this strategy,” the report said, “but his consideration of the option is one of the key questions the panel is examining as part of its broader investigation into attempts to overturn the election.”

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