Staķis emphasized in his address a greener Riga with slower traffic and still blames the previous power for it / Artikel – Nach Welt

The forklift looked back at what it had done that year – tidy stretches of road, a greener center of Riga in summer, an illuminated Freedom Monument and higher salaries for social workers.

The mayor of the capital said that several large projects have been implemented taking into account the wishes and commitment of the Rigaers themselves. The stake also promised to continue the benefits initiated by the previous government despite the tight budget.

The mayor of Riga stressedthat not only the residents of Riga, but also the people of Riga themselves, deserve a green, pleasant environment, quiet traffic and enjoyment of the urban environment.

The forklift wanted to stand up for its interests in 2022 and not be indifferent. The Mayor of Riga stressed that together they will be able to create a more humane, richer and more modern Riga.

The mayor pointed out that although the demand to celebrate without gatherings and major events has posed challenges, this year the city has been given a new, fresh look – greenery, benches and tables will be set up in Riga in the summer, as will the light installations of the Freedom Monument with the strong words of Latvian folk songs were set up all over Riga.

For the second year in a row, the Christmas lights would not only be in the center, but also close to the city, Stack emphasized, pointing out that this was just the beginning and that changes in the urban environment would become stronger and stronger as the gathering restrictions were reduced. The stake said that then Riga can hold another festive festival after which everyone is long overdue, for example the popular music and arts festival “Positivus” will take place in Riga for the first time next year.

“This means more positive emotions for Rigans, income for entrepreneurs exhausted by the pandemic and puts Riga on the map of major international festivals,” said Staķis.

He recalled that this year in Riga, in the center and in the suburbs of Latgale, two new kindergartens will be built, where groups will be opened next year. Renovation work of varying degrees was carried out in more than 100 educational institutions. The sidewalk in Esplanade Park is finally being repaired.

In Ķengarags, Rītabuļļi, Brasa and Āgenskalns, four investment budget projects were completed, Staķis recalled. Residents also had the opportunity to vote on new projects, most of which the community will implement.

Stak emphasized that this means the opportunity for everyone to build a city together and not just rely on political decisions. The mayor of Riga also said that during the changes in Riga, the districts’ associations had become more active, with which there is now finally real cooperation, because real improvement of the living environment can only take place in close cooperation with the population.

In the transport sector, major projects such as the east highway and the Sarkandaugava flyover as well as works of local importance such as the “Centrs-Ziepniekkalns” bicycle center are being implemented, said Staķis. In addition, new asphalt was laid in several dozen sections of road and a number of gravel roads were paved. New bike lanes have been laid out and the renovation of the previously delayed Deglava Bridge has been completed.

The Mayor of Riga also recalled that this year an area with a permitted speed of only 30 kilometers per hour was established in the Quiet Center and Grizinkalns. The truck emphasized that no family deserves to lose loved ones to aggressive traffic.

“Comprehensive traffic calming in the city center will be a challenge in the coming years, but the times when you are afraid of sending children out on your own will one day be a thing of the past.

He said that open and fair competitions were finally taking place for the main offices of the Riga City Council, attracting personnel selection specialists, unfortunately “the previous government of Riga is dragging on”. Staķis stressed that tax systems in Riga companies and cartels are a thing of the past, but that millions of people have been billed for them, not the perpetrators.

The mayor said legal mechanisms had already been put in place to reclaim these funds from those responsible for the damage. The stake said the unfavorable agreements for the city would be reviewed and terminated, but the Riga City Council MPs not only sent away the bribes but also immediately reported them to the anti-corruption fighters.

This year was also marked by a pandemic, recalled Stakis, noting that Riga had not stepped aside – city hospitals were re-profiled to treat Covid-19 patients, vaccination centers were set up in the Congress House and Central Market.

A vaccination motivation program was carried out in Riga’s schools and kindergartens, with one goal only – to ensure that children learn personally this school year.

Staķis also said that Riga will continue to provide free meals for all students and free public transport for both students and retirees.

It takes a lot of money, but at the same time it has succeeded in implementing new priorities – Riga’s nurses who care for the most vulnerable received a higher pay increase this year than in the last 10 years combined, emphasized Staķis.

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