Russia and the US are one step closer to the brink of war – Nach Welt

US President Joe Biden will speak to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday (December 30, 2021) about the tensions on the Ukrainian border. (Source: Adam Schultz / The White House via AP)

KIEV, KOMPAS.TV – Russia and the United States (USA) “one step closer to the brink of war”. The Ukrainian political scientist Petro Burkovskiy made this statement on Friday (December 31, 2021) after a telephone conversation between the heads of state and government of the two countries.

Start Associated press, said Burkovskiy that Russian President Vladimir Putin has shown his willingness to oppose Western sanctions over the stationing of Russian troops in Ukraine.

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The assessment was made by Burkovskiy after a meeting of the two presidents lasting just under an hour on Thursday (December 30th). The meeting itself took place amid the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden told Putin that the two countries now face two different paths: diplomacy or deterrence through sanctions.

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Putin, meanwhile, replied that new sanctions against Moscow could spark a complete rift between the two governments.

Russia has made it clear that it wants a written commitment that Ukraine will not be allowed to join the NATO organization of the North Atlantic Treaty. Allied military equipment should also not be placed in the territory of the former Soviet states.

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The Biden government has declined these requests.


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