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During the six-hour flight from Chicago to Reykjavik, things happened that shouldn’t have happened.

It was December 21st and Marisa Fotieo was going to Iceland for the Christmas break.

Iceland requires that you have a negative PCR or rapid test within 72 hours of departure the airline Icelandair.

Quick test done on the toilet

Fotieo doesn’t say when she tested negative before the flight. But one Video she posted on Christmas Eve, suggests she did a PCR test and it came back negative.

On the plane, Fotieo began to experience a sore throat which may be an early symptom of Covid. The American school teacher had done quick tests to be on the safe side – and decided to do one.

– I did the quick test in the flight toilet. Within what felt like two seconds, there were two lines (indicating a positive test, journ.anm.), Fotieo agrees NBC today.

Fotieo informs TikTok that she has been vaccinated. It’s not clear whether she received one, two, or three doses.

FLYING TOILET SELFIE: According to her own statement, Marisa Fotieo spent about five hours in the flying toilet. Photo: TikTok / @marisafotieo
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At this point, according to Fotieo, the plane must have been in the air for about an hour, which means the journey will still take about five hours.

Self isolated

So she decided to isolate herself from the other passengers – in the aircraft’s toilet, which is just under one square meter in size.

“There are 150 people on that plane and my biggest fear was giving it to them (corona, journ.anm.),” She told NBC Today.

Fotieo therefore locked himself in the toilet.

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Speaking to NBC Today, she praised one of the flight attendants on the Icelandair flight for making sure she had everything she needed and checking in constantly to see that everything was okay.

The somewhat special isolation experience was documented on TikTok, where a Video clips from the flight toilet is an unbelievable 4.2 million times so far.

Christmas tree and gifts received

“A big thank you to Icelandair for my VIP quarantine room,” she writes.

But the story doesn’t stop there. Because when Fotieo landed, she apparently had to isolate herself again – this time in a quarantine hotel.

The Icelandic authorities and the Icelandic Red Cross offer accommodation to those in need in hotels in Reykjavik and elsewhere in Iceland Iceland rating.

Even after arriving at the quarantine hotel, the flight attendant made sure that Fotieo had a nice Christmas vacation despite the circumstances.

CHRISTMAS EVENING IN ISOLATION: Although Fotieo couldn't celebrate Christmas with her loved ones, the flight attendant made sure that she got a little Christmas spirit in the quarantine hotel.  Photo: TikTok / @marisafotieo

CHRISTMAS EVENING IN ISOLATION: Although Fotieo couldn’t celebrate Christmas with her loved ones, the flight attendant made sure that she got a little Christmas spirit in the quarantine hotel. Photo: TikTok / @marisafotieo
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– She bought flowers and a small Christmas tree with candles that I could hang. It was so warm and she really is an angel, Fotieo tells NBC Today.

– She is an angel

On Christmas Eve, Fotieo dressed up for the celebration all by himself, she says.

– While I was getting ready I heard a knock on the door, she says in one go TikTok-Video.

It was the Christmas dinner that the friendly flight attendant had brought her.

She had also brought presents that Fotieo could open on Christmas morning – as is the tradition in the United States.

– I want to do something very special for the flight attendant, because she really is an angel on this earth, says Fotieo in the video.

On December 29th, Fotieo released the latest TikTok update from its quarantine hotel in Reykjavik.

She is still in solitary confinement at the hotel as Iceland has a mandatory ten-day quarantine for people who have tested positive for Covid-19. It starts Government information pages about Corona.


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