Pitt leads 2:10 against Michigan State in the second quarter – archyde

Follow live updates from Detroit News agent Nolan Bianchi as Michigan State’s number 10 meets number 12 Pitt in the Peach Bowl at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

Pitt leads 2:10 pm against Michigan State in the second quarter

Pitt takes over at his own 13 and can’t get anything going because Nick Patti is injured.

Vincent Davis storms for 12 and Jordan Addison catches a 10 yard pass, then storms all the way to Michigan State 13 for a 52 yard reception that puts Pitt in the red zone for the second time today.

Davis made it first with a 12 yard run and scored on 1. He was then dropped with a loss of 3.

Timeout # 2 Pitt (1:03 2.)

Davis Beville tosses it to Jared Wayne for a 4-yard touchdown that puts Pitt on top.

Pitt 14, Michigan State 10 (1:02 2.)

Another drive, another three for Pitt. Davis Beville’s second and third down passes become incomplete and Pitt’s punt is shot at Michigan State 42.

Michigan State 10, Pitt 7 (5:20 2. Platz)

Jordon Simmons finally gets going for Michigan State, but a false start in 3rd and 2nd makes it 3rd and 7th for the Spartans. Tre Mosley picks up a 15-yard pass to finish first and tenth at the Pitt 40 create.


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