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RENO, Nev. (BICYCLE/ Gray News) – It wasn’t a surprised look, but Veteran Ron Selby’s first reaction when he got a free car was to thank the crew at CoAuto in Reno, Nevada for putting it through.

And after speaking to him, the news couldn’t have come at a better time.

“You know that I am often in the hospital and have to get out again because I have nerve damage and such,” says Selby. “And financially, it’s just hard to get up and do something like that. And so we bring our children to school. We hardly got here today, ”he says.

The 2006 Toyota RAV has had mechanics at work for the past few weeks. Former owners decided not to invest any more money so the auto repair shop thought it would be great to fix it and give it to a veteran.

This is the sixth year in a row that CoAuto has rehabilitated a used car and given the keys to a veteran. The shop partners with Nation’s Finest, who selects a veteran and determines the family can take responsibility.

“It has a stable foundation to support a vehicle starting off. Register and insure. He also has needs, ”says Natalie Stering of Nation’s Finest.

Selby says he and his wife and three children barely made it from Fernley to the store in a vehicle that is struggling to shift into gear. He’s so unreliable that he says they just had to get lifts for friends and other daily activities.

It is stories like this that show the CoAuto crew that their efforts are worthwhile.

“The whole experience was just amazing. It really was, ”says Matt Rubb, CoAuto Service Manager. “To just give something back to a veteran in a different way,” he says. In addition to the car, Nation’s Finest also donated toys to Ryan, Robert, and Ethan, the Selby children.

The car is perfect for a family who needs an easy break on the way into the new year.

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