Nerve wracking! NASA plane

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – United States Space Agency (US) or NASA planes managed to “touch” the sun. The Parker Solar Probe enters the corona of a large star in April 2021.

It can take up to several months for Earth to receive data from the trip. In addition, it will take a few more months for the confirmation to appear.

Corona turned out to be much dustier than expected. In the future, a visit to the site should give scientists a better understanding of how solar winds form, how they are heated and accelerated into space.

The sun has no solid surface, so the corona is a magnetically strong roaming. In this way, researchers can understand the sun’s explosion, which could destroy the earth.

Parker’s journey to the center of the solar system began in 2018 when it took off from Earth. The vehicle was eight million miles from the center of the Sun when it first crossed the rugged, uneven boundary between the atmosphere and the solar wind.

Parker’s planes were found to have entered and exited the corona more often than ever. Scientists claim the entire transition went smoothly.

When launching, Justin Kasper of the University of Michigan said Parker was traveling at over 100 kilometers per second. “Parker was moving very quickly, covering long distances and going at over 100 kilometers per second,” he said.

Parker’s journey is still very long. The aircraft will plunge deeper into the corona until its final orbit in 2025.

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