Iran fires missile into space amid nuclear talks – archyde

TEHERAN Iran announced that it had just performed a space launch. This move is likely to irritate western countries as it comes to a revival in the middle of the talks Nuclear deal 2015.

Iranian TV station shows footage rocket which flew from the launch pad in the desert, but gave no clear whereabouts.

“The Simorgh (Phoenix) satellite rocket launcher launched three research charges,” said Defense Ministry spokesman Ahmad Hosseini.

“The research goals projected for this launch have been met,” he added, quoted on state television as quoted by France24, Thursday (December 30th, 2021).

Hosseini did not specify the nature of the research, but said the latest operation was an “early start” and more would follow.

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Earlier this month, US media reported that preparations for a launch in the Iranian space center Semnan, 300 kilometers east of Tehran, were underway.

Tehran successfully put its first military satellite into orbit in April 2020 and received a sharp reprimand from Washington.

Western governments are concerned that the satellite launch system contains technology that could be used in ballistic missiles that can fire nuclear warheads.


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