Iga Baumgart-Witan confessed a moving truth.

It was a very busy year for Iga Baumgart-Witan, who won the gold medal in the 4 × 400 meter mixed relay in Tokyo and Silver- in the women’s relay over the same distance. However, she paid for this success with a lot of pain and suffering – previously, she revealed that she was struggling with an Achilles tendon injury, and now throws even more light into the darkness in an Instagram post.

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What a difficult year it was! I started crying and I finish too …

Of course, these are completely different tears, one out of sadness and the other out of enormous relief and joy, only me and my family know what I went through every day from January until the games. I just confessed to them that my stomach ached from the stress every morning, what the day would bring and whether I would be able to do the training. Stomach ached, body and soul ached, even to Tokyo. I held on … I have no idea how, but I held it even though I was about to. I thank myself and those who were close to me! I turned tears and pain together with the girls into gold and silver of the Olympics. Thank you Baba because neither of us had any problems. I wish that we can reach Paris with less pain and tears of sadness. We did something that no one else would have done, and certainly not alone. Thanks very much!

– writes Iga Baumgart-Witan and thanks her friends from the season: Ma³gorzata Ho³ub-nuthatch, Natalia Kaczmarek, Annie Kie³basiñska and Justyna ¦wiêty-Ersetic.

A similar entry was published by ¦wiêty-Ersetic, who also won gold and silver at the Olympic Games and also won silver individually at the European Indoor Championships in Toruń:

What a year it was! Still uphill from the start. Happy? Heavy as hell? Splendid? Tiring? A constant pursuit, will I make it for sure or will I make it? Check my character? To move to tears practically every day? Exhausting, monstrous mentally? Make dreams come true? Yes! So was 2021 for me. Constant injuries and illnesses.

The way up was extremely bumpy and damn difficult. But guess what? If I went through all of this all over again, I would! And all to make my greatest sports dream come true, which I worked terribly hard for, not a year, two, but a couple of years!

The support from family, coach, team, physiotherapists, doctors and many people resulted in two medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics !! I couldn’t have imagined a better end to this season: someone once told me that a wounded animal is the strongest, and you know what? There’s something in there! ??

2021 despite the winding road THANK YOU! . 2022 I hope you are a little nicer to me


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