Huawei expects annual sales to be 29 percent lower

But that’s it for the moment, it’s rumors.

PLEASE NOTE, there is no aluminum foil hat here.
Huawei will certainly espionage, if only to determine its own business strategy. So you will see that all of the major manufacturers are doing this more or less for their business strategy.
e.g. looked at the Huawei network, what KPN has, Huawei doesn’t even need back doors to monitor this, Huawei has free access to the KPN Huawei network and network administration and therefore knows exactly how this network is structured and what traffic and which Customers run.
If Huawei is spying for the government, we’re sure no. All that is said about it is rumors from America and mostly from the trade war between America and China.
Is China the only government spying? Certainly not, the country that spies the most outside its own borders is America itself, even when it comes to friendly countries.

Also, read your phone’s terms and conditions to see what Huawei is allowed to monitor. There won’t be much of a difference compared to other brands as they all keep track of a lot of data from you.

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