Hospitalizations for COVID-19 rebound in Jalisco

Although it remains at low levels, the number of hospitalized by COVID-19 had a rebound. In the database of the Jalisco Health Secretariat (SSJ) 137 patients are reported; last week there were 113.

The facilities of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) have the highest occupancy, with 81 internees. In Civil Hospitals there are 25, 18 in state hospitals, seven in the Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) and six in private hospitals.

The SSJ report details that, if required, they have the possibility of enabling up to 1,224 beds for the care of people affected by the virus.

Without specifying how many beds there are in each institution, the federal platform refers that the General Hospital of Zone 14 of the IMSS, the Hospital of Specialties of the IMSS in Oblatos, the Military Hospital of Guadalajara, the General Hospital of the West and the IMSS Hospital in Ocotlán they appear with 100% occupancy in their general hospitalization areas.

Specialists from the Hospital Civil de Guadalajara emphasized that the arrival of the variant omicron a Jalisco It is imminent, so they recommended avoiding meetings and crowds.

The arrival of the omicron variant in Jalisco is imminent, so they recommended avoiding meetings and crowds. THE INFORMER / A. Camacho

Specialists recommend strengthening sanitary measures

Specialists recommended reinforcing prevention measures to avoid infections due to the imminent arrival of the omicron variant in Jalisco.

Jaime Briseño Ramírez, infectologist at the Civil Hospital, explained that while a carrier of omicron can transmit the infection to 12 more, one of delta can infect 4 or 6.

In a statement, it was indicated that the expert assured that the pillars of prevention against COVID-19 continue to be the vaccination, the correct use of face masks (which can reduce the transmission of the virus by over 70%), ensure open and well-ventilated spaces, hand washing and the use of gel antibacterial, as well as continuing with physical distancing.

He added that as a preventive measure, in the face of any flu picture, however minimal it may seem, the detection test should be carried out to rule out the virus.

“Signs and symptoms are not enough to differentiate between a common cold or flu and a case of COVID-19, since it has a wide spectrum of manifestations, which can range from the asymptomatic patient, the paucisymptomatic patient, that is, the patient who has very few symptoms, even the patient who already has all the specific symptoms (cough, fever, anosmia, loss of taste), even one who requires intensive hospital care ”.

Both Briseño Ramírez and Dr. Sergio Zúñiga Quiñones, an infectious disease doctor, agreed that the arrival of omicron in Jalisco is imminent and that a new wave of infections could be registered in the near future, so they recommended avoiding meetings or crowds, and that, accordingly If so, the meetings should be held with a few people (maximum six), in open and ventilated spaces, with the widespread use of face masks among the attendees.

Zúñiga Quiñones stressed that this new variant of the virus should not be minimized. Remembered having caution with family visits from the United States and other states because mobility can be a source of contagion.



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