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Gravedona, outbreak in hospital

Twenty hospitalized with Covid-positive

Visits suspended. The management: “Avoid contagion in the staff at all costs”

A bit of fear returns to the Gravedona hospital, where a Covid ward has been reopened in the last few days.

Nothing to do with the dramatic situation in spring 2020 when the entire rehabilitation area was converted into a hospital to fight the virus.

But on Wednesday, December 29th alone, up to 20 new cases of infection were detected in the hospital, and as the medical director Roberto Antinozzi points out, we have to be on our guard: “Positive cases are clearly increasing in the area.” and nationally, based on forecasts, the increase will be progressive over the next few days. Twenty new cases discovered in the last few hospital patients in a single day is an emblematic fact in itself. ”

In the ward for the isolation of the infected, the majority of the patients seem to have been vaccinated, even if the exact dates are not known, because the hospital must of course accept all people who are struggling with health problems, regardless of the vaccine.

The virus is certainly not as aggressive at the moment as it has been in the past, but it is certainly of no consolation for patients who are already struggling with various pathologies. The case explosion has since advised health management to take tough action: “As a precaution, we have suspended visits from relatives again – says Dr. Antinozzi – In the event of a sudden increase in positive cases, it is important to protect those who are in the hospital: there is above all the risk that if there is an epidemic, we will not have enough doctors and nurses and have therefore decided to prevent this prospect ».

On December 16, there was only one new case of contagion compared to a convalescent case in Alto Lario; on December 21st there were 14 new cases and 6 cured; on St. Stephen’s Day 26 there were 29 new cases, versus 4 cures, and on Wednesday 29, 22 new cases and 13 cures, with 115 positive cases in the area (on December 5 there were 39).

In short, with the Christmas holidays, the virus raised its head in the territory as well, forcing the general hospital in the area to take action. “We all hope that we will not have to relive the dramatic experience of spring 2020 – the health director continued – the vaccine has undoubtedly reduced the serious cases many times over, but the infections are increasing and the phenomenon should not be underestimated.”

With the closure of the Regina state road in Colonno, the catchment area of ​​the Moriggia Pelascini has expanded partly to Centro Lario and Porlezzese due to numerous pathologies. As for the actual Covid, the Morelli di Sondalo is still the reference hospital, but the need to isolate infected patients has indeed compelled the creation of a special ward in Gravedona.

It is therefore inevitable to return to the period of great distress when the Altolarian Hospital staff fought every day to protect over a hundred patients, many of whom were in serious condition: there were also some from the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia, Hardest hit back then when hospitals collapsed.

Later, with the start of vaccination, the Moriggia Pelascini became a vaccination center where hundreds of citizens are summoned every day and the third dose is still being given.

(Gianpiero Riva)


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