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The US was really hit by the wave of infections. Around 9,000 new patients with Covid-19 are admitted every day. At the same time, according to the National Institute of Public Health CDC, 1200 new corona-related deaths are recorded every day.

Among the many dead there are also a number of fate stories. One of the last in a row is the story of the parents of four children, Alvaro Fernandez (44) and Sylvia Fernandez (42) from California.

After they tested positive for Corona in mid-December, they became increasingly ill. A few days later they were admitted, but the lives of the unvaccinated couple, who also suffered from underlying diseases, could no longer be saved.

Both died within a few hours on December 19th.

– Their love story started when they were teenagers in school. Their love grew strong over the years and eventually included the wonderful children Emily, Daniel, Destinee, and Nicholas. Tragically, their love story came to an abrupt end after 25 years, writes Alvaro’s sister Alma Hernandez in connection with the fundraiser to support the grieving children.

An alarm clock for the family

According to the sister, her now-deceased brother wanted to read more about research on the corona vaccine before taking it himself and tried to educate himself and solicit information. But almost two years after the pandemic started, he still didn’t feel safe knowing enough about side effects.

– He looked for information on the Internet and did not believe everything that was reported in the media. What happened was a wake up call for everyone in our family, says Hernandez NBC Los Angeles.

The fundraising campaign for the four children left behind has reached 120,000 crowns on Friday night since December 21.

– Destinee and Nicholas are only 17 years old. We will all feel the loss of Alvaro and Sylvia for a long time, writes Hernandez on the fundraising website.

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Five million cases

With the most recent cases, California is the first state in the United States to have more than five million registered corona cases. This means that one in eight residents of the state, which at 40 million is the most populous in the United States, has been diagnosed with Covid-19.

The first case of infection in California was identified on January 25, 2020. A million cases were recorded after 292 days – a number that doubled in the 44 days that followed.

According to NBC Los Angeles, San Bernardino County alone has recorded nearly 400,000 cases of infection. In addition, more than 6,000 Covid-related deaths have been reported.

The station also states that hospital admissions related to Corona in California have slowly but surely increased in the last few days and have increased by over ten percent in the past week. More than 75,000 corona patient deaths have been recorded in California since the pandemic began.

The latest infection rates are still less than half the number of the wave of infection at the end of summer and only a fifth of the number of newcomers registered in the country a year ago.


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