December party ratings show there’s a lot to play ahead of the 2022 Saeima election / article – archyde

As always, the most supported party is the opposition Harmony (S), which has never been in government. It has 11% support among those asked which party they would vote for if elections were held tomorrow.

14th Saeima elections, 2022

Photo: CVK

Second place was taken by Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš’s New Unity Party (JV) with 7.7% approval, followed by the opposition Greens and Peasants’ Union (ZZS) with 6.6%, and the nationalist coalition party National Alliance (NA) also with 6 , 6%%, liberal coalition party Development / For! (AP) to 4.5% and the progressives (P), who are not currently represented in Saeima, to 3.7%.

The only other parties that received support of 3% or more were the New Conservatives (JKP) with 3.4% and the populist Law and Order (LuK) with 3.0%.

There weren’t much swings in popularity, with Harmony (+ 1.5%) being the month’s biggest winner and the Greens and Farmers Union being the biggest loser (-0.8%).

As always, support pledged to a party is dwarfed by the proportion of the population who are either indecisive (23.6% versus 28.9% in November) or disinterested and will not vote at all (19.4%, versus 17.9%). in November).

Calculating the responses to the demand that parties must receive at least 5% of the votes cast in order to win seats in the Saeima, the numbers suggest that 8 parties could make it to the next parliament. However, due to the large number of undecided voters, this is an extremely poor prognosis.

The SKDS poll was based on the responses of 1,818 voters from across Latvia in December. The next Saeima elections are planned for October 1, 2022.

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