COVID: Mexico reports the highest daily number of confirmed cases since September

The Ministry of Health reported this Thursday that Mexico registered the previous day 153 deaths from COVID-19 to reach 299 thousand 285 total deaths, as well as 8,024 new infections for a total of 3 million 969 thousand 686.

The 8,024 infections are the highest number of confirmed cases since September 30, when 9,796 were reported.

From the number of cases, there are 34,761 active, who have had symptoms in the past 14 days. In addition, since the beginning of the pandemic Three million 306 thousand 071 people have been recovered.

The average occupancy of general beds stands at 15% and the use of intensive therapy beds at 11%.

The country detected the first person infected with the omicron variant on December 3 and since then they have added more than 40 confirmed cases by the governments of Mexico City, State of Mexico, Nuevo León and Sinaloa.


The authorities also indicated that within the vaccination program 148.81 million doses have been applied, adding 124 thousand 867 during the last day.

Of its 126 million inhabitants, 81.92 million in the country have at least one dose of the vaccine, that is, 88% of the total population of legal age. Of that total, 89% (72.78 million) have completed their vaccination schedule.




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