Cosmopolitan brings NYE ​​to Messenger and Instagram with group effects

Messenger and Instagram have partnered with Cosmopolitan to create a new interactive AR video call group effect for NYE.

Thanks to a new collaboration between Meta and Cosmopolitan, there is a new group AR function for virtual New Year celebrations on Messenger and Instagram.

The feature allows users to share the festive mood with an interactive video call effect that displays chicken nuggets in champagne flutes.

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world announced the celebratory effect called Nugget Cheers just in time for New Year’s Eve.

The interactive AR group effect combines champagne with chicken nuggets to create a new virtual toast when using Meta’s group AR option on Messenger or Instagram video calls.

The group AR option for video calls was added Earlier this month, allowing multiple people to access a group chat and interact with a shared AR effect.

To use Nugget Cheers, follow the instructions:


  1. Start a video call with whoever you want. Remember: they must both follow each other.
  2. Tap the effects Smiley.
  3. Swipe to Group effects.
  4. Click the chicken nugget icon and enjoy.


  1. Start a video call with whoever you want.
  2. Tap the smiley face to open the effects bar.
  3. Choose Group effects Then click the chicken nugget icon.

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