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Our little, half-Nordic, Neighbor Lithuania is worth paying homage to in 2021. While Norway’s relations with China were in the “freezer” for eight years because the Nobel Committee awarded the 2010 Peace Prize to the Chinese critic of the regime Liu Xiaobo, little Lithuania has thrown itself at the Antarctic cold because it has opened a representative office for Taiwan in Lithuania , the capital Vilnius. And while Norway went knee-to-knee, including the “Norwegian” diplomatic exercise of human rights to get out of the diplomatic freezer, Lithuania weathered the Chinese Antarctic storm. Lithuania stood upright and defended democratic values, unlike Norway.

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middle of December all Lithuanian diplomats have been deported from Beijing in a degrading manner. The very influential propaganda newspaper Global Times compared Lithuania, with a population of 2.8 million, to “a mouse, even a fly” that could easily be killed. But that it was hardly worth killing the fly because of all the dirt it would create. Still, Lithuania continued to urge its citizens to throw away Chinese smartphones, among other things, after it became clear that they had built-in software that could be activated without warning.

China responded with all goods from the EU that contain Lithuanian elements that do not enter China. This means that a number of containers that are already en route are likely to be refused upon arrival. China fights against the smallest offense by all means. All in keeping with the increasingly nationalist and dictatorial spirit of President Xi Jinping.

But Lithuania is historical well vaccinated against overthrow by dictatorial powers after being overthrown by Stalin, saw Hitler and then Stalin all over again in World War II. In those days Lithuania was also the country that took over the lead when the Soviet Union collapsed 30 years ago.

Stand up Democratic values ​​were also at stake when neighboring Belarus exploded in demonstrations after President Alexander Lukashenko’s election fraud in August 2020. The alleged election winner Svetlana Tikhanovskaya fled to Lithuania, her husband was recently sentenced to 15 years in prison. Lukashenko also reacted to Lithuania with holy dictatorial anger and sent refugees from the Middle East to the border. There they were stopped, as at all EU external borders. Even so, Lithuania was a country to emulate in 2021.

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