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Coach of the year

Jessica Phelan, Fayetteville

REMARKABLE Leading the Lady Purple Bulldogs to their sixth state title since 2012.… Leading their team to their second 6A title in a row, defeating 6A West Conference champion Springdale Har-Ber in the final and avenging two losses in the regular season. … led Fayetteville to 10 finals in 18 seasons at the top. … played volleyball at the University of Arkansas, where she received the All-Southeastern Conference Award, and was named the school’s first All American in 1997, and received her second team award in 1997.

Player of the year


Kennedy Phelan, Fayetteville; Setter; 5-8; Jr.

NOTABLE He was named All Arkansas Preps Player of the Year and State Tournament MVP, while receiving all state awards for the third straight year. … led Fayetteville to his second 6A state title in a row. … Had 1,123 assists (10.2 per set) at the controls of one of the state’s top offenses and had a serve that was a great weapon, ending with 112 aces. … A total of 274 excavations, 31 blocks and 88 kills for the state champions of class 6A. Orally promised to play in Florida State, which is coached by Chris Poole of Heber Springs, who also coached her mother Jessica in Arkansas.

Newcomer of the year

Laila Creighton, Shiloh Christian;Setter;5-7;Fr.

NOTABLE Earned all state honors and was a state leader on assists, 1,069 total for the season (10.1 per set). … Team High added 76 service aces, 75 kills, and 210 digs to help the Lady Saints earn both 4A Northwest Conference and Tournament titles before reaching the State Tournament semi-finals.

Bella Bonanno, Shiloh Christian; Free; 5-4; Fr.

NOTABLE Deserved all state honors and was the leader of the Lady Saints Defense. … collected team-high 433 digs (4.1 per set) for 58 service aces and 505 service receptions with just 35 errors to help the Lady Saints earn both 4A Northwest conference and tournament titles before taking on the State tournaments have lost semifinals.

First team

Caylan Koons, Springdale Har-Ber, Setter, 5-9, Sr .;

NOTABLE Quarterback one of the top assaults in the state, earned all state honors and helped the Lady Wildcats to a 6A West Conference title and a Class 6A state runner-up. … Signed to play volleyball in Central Arkansas. … Finished with 1,038 assists (10.8 per set) to start this season with 213 digs, 44 blocks, and 72 kills. … Got three state honors for basketball with one season remaining.

Kat Cooper, Springdale Har-Ber; Middle Hitter; 6-1; Sr.

NOTABLE Has been a force on the net helping the Lady Wildcats win the 6A West Conference title and advance to the 6A State Finals. Hit an incredible .403 with 293 kills (3.1 per set), 61 blocks, and 38 serve aces. … Signed to play in San Diego State and received the All-Arkansas Preps First Team Award.

Brooke Rockwell, Fayetteville;Outside Hitter;5-10;Jr.

NOTABLE Was a great all-round player for the Lady Purple Bulldogs who has earned all state honors. … Completed with 503 kills (4.6 per set) and a hit of 0.233, but also added 275 digs (2.5 per set) and 386 serve receptions with only 22 errors. … chips with 35 service aces and 36 blocks and was called up to the first team of All Arkansas Preps.

Maddie LaFata, Fayetteville;Rechter Hitter;5-11;Jr.

NOTABLE Played a huge role for the Lady Purple Bulldogs this season after helping her team win the state title in a big moment a year ago. … was pushed into the finals after an injury as the runner-up who had not played much, and got six kills in the last set. … Put up big numbers this season at the rate of 326 kills (3.0 per set) and hit .292 on the right to go with 47 aces and 43 blocks to get all of the state honors.

Trinity Hamilton, Bentonville; Outside Hitter;5-6;Sr.

NOTABLE became a three-time selection for Lady Tiger in all states and was a force both offensively and defensively. … Signed to play in Central Arkansas. .. Hit .324 with 392 kills (4.2 per set) and added 376 digs (4.0 per set) and 377 serve receptions with only 23 errors. … ended her career with 1,202 kills, 1,392 digs and 119 service aces and was named to the first team of All-Arkansas Preps.

Toree Tiffee, Fort Smith Southside;Outside Hitter;5-11;Sr.

NOTABLE Helped lead the Mavericks to the Class 6A semi-finals and received all state honors. … signed to play with Cal Baptist. … Finished with 247 kills (3.0 per set) and hit 0.208 and added 235 digs (2.9 per set) and 302 serve receptions with 36 errors.

Josie McCroskey, Springdale Har-Ber, Libero, 5-5, Sr .;

NOTABLE Was a defensive force and helped her work on serve to increase the Lady Wildcats offense as she earned all state honors. … led the team with 418 digs (4.4 per set) and 349 service receptions with only 13 errors and also led the team with 51 service aces.

Second team

Kyla Clubb, Springdale Har-Ber; Outside Hitter; 5-11; Sr.

NOTABLE Was an offensive force for the Lady Wildcats, taking Team-High 355 kills (3.7 per set) and a .245 hit. as well as chipping in 38 blocks. … signed to play at Dalhousie University in Canada.

Myia McCoy, Greenwood;Outside Hitter;5-10;Soph.

NOTABLE Earned government awards as a dynamic force for the Lady Bulldogs. … Finished with 331 kills (3.1 per set) to go with 288 digs (2.7 per set), 38 blocks, and 354 serve shots with 46 errors.

Regan Harp, Fayetteville;Middle Hitter;6-1;So.

NOTABLE Earned all of the Conference Awards as her role on the offensive expanded this season, hitting .304 with 269 kills (2.4 per set) to reach 41 blocks and 103 trenches for the Class 6A state champions.

Brianna Ball, Van Buren;Setter/Outside Hitter;6-0;Jr.

REMARKABLE All-State Honors earned as an Outstanding Two-Way Player for the Lady Pointers. … collected 364 kills (4.5 per set) and 290 digs (3.6 per set) and 295 assists as setters (3.6 per set) to go with 36 aces.

Abby Harris, Rogers; Setter / Opponent; 6-2; Sr.

NOTABLE For the third time referred to as All-Conference and referred to the Lady Mounties attack as both a setter and a hitter. … Signed to play volleyball in the state of Arkansas. … Registered career highs with 202 kills and 58 blocks this season and also contributed 256 assists and 136 digs.

Madeline Freeman, Hackett;Setter/Outside Hitter;5-10;Sr.

REMARKABLE Led the Lady Hornets to the state finals for the third time in a row, but only missed three state titles, but was three times a selection for all states. … Registered career highlights with 203 kills, 250 digs and 370 assists and also contributed 96 service aces.

Hannah Smith, Fort Smith Northside;Libero;5-7;Sr.

NOTABLE Got all state honors and anchored the defense of the Lady Bears who advanced to the Class 6A quarterfinals before dropping to second place in Springdale Har-Ber State. … Finished with an incredible 865 strokes (7.9 per set) for 766 serve receptions and was also a force from the service line with 99 aces.


Kennedy Phelan

SCHOOL Fayetteville

CLASS Junior



THAT SHE SAY “Freshman year, it’s really intimidating to come in with all the senior class members, but we’ve had such great leaders. However, it was easy to get comfortable and fulfill that role from that perspective. As a high school student that year, I had to be a bit more assertive. I think that’s just part of growing as a volleyball player and as a leader. I just tried to show up every day, work hard, and lead by example wherever I could. We’re pretty comfortable with each other.

“We were definitely very physical last year and when we were in the system we were rolling. This year we had to rely a little more on handing out the ball. If we won the service and passing game, we were golden. When we got out of the system, it was still manageable, but it was more difficult because we weren’t quite that big. We just had to work a bit harder in the transition to get the ball out to get those seams if you can. We fit the state finals and the whole state tournament so much better. This whole week we’ve been focusing on serving and passing because if we win this game we’ll have a good shot. “

— Paul Boyd


Laila Creighton

SCHOOL Shiloh Christian

CLASS newbie



SHE SAID “I can tell that we (Bella and I) were both very nervous, but our teammates made us so welcome and I am so grateful that I had Bella. It was very nerve-wracking at first and we didn’t trust the team, but later in the season all of my hitters trusted me and were okay with what I wanted to run and if anything they would give me new ideas when they saw things I didn’t see this team, Shiloh, was really selfless and we all wanted the best for each other and it was really cool to watch and be part of. “

— Paul Boyd

Nice Bonanno

SCHOOL Shiloh Christian ”

CLASS newbie



THAT SHE SAID “I knew that as a newbie I had a big job ahead of me, moving up and being a sweeper is a big role on the team. There’s a lot of pressure, but I was really excited. I felt that I could adapt to some extent. ” quickly to the team and how they played. There are a few other girls on the team who were newcomers and they also helped because they knew what we were going through. “

— Paul Boyd


Jessica Phelan

SCHOOL Fayetteville

THAT SHE SAID “Last year Covid certainly brought an additional opponent into your season. If you look back on the whole year, volleyball probably felt like the most normal part of your day. All great seasons begin with the hope that something good will happen. ” will happen in the end. We had a lot of kids who played in that state championship game and they knew what that felt like and I feel like they drove that through the losses we had too. That’s when they knew they wanted to end their season. They wanted to go back there. This is a group that has had really great chemistry all year long. They had this collective energy and really wanted to fight for each other this week of the national tournament. “

— Paul Boyd

Kennedy Phelan of Fayetteville was named All-Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette Volleyball Player of the Year. The junior setter helped lead the Lady Purple Bulldogs to the class 6A state title. (NWA Democrat-Gazette / Andy Shupe)

Laila Creighton (left) and Bella Bonanno, both newcomers to Shiloh Christian, were named All Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette Volleyball Newcomers of the Year. (NWA Democrat-Gazette / Andy Shupe)

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