According to the brass band singer Moravanka and band leader Slabák, they gave a new coat – Nach Welt

Although Moravanka ended this year after 50 years of existence, her legacy lives on in the production of other brass music, says Slabáková. According to trumpeter and conductor Václav Hybš, Moravanka was probably the first to notice how well the marching band played in Moravia.

The decision to end Moravanka’s activities gradually matured, the age of the band leader and other members played a role, the decline in concerts at home and abroad, and the complications associated with musical activities during the coronavirus pandemic and with it related actions. “It is said that he should do his best as long as it plays for everyone,” said Slabáková.

According to the singer, the last two years have been challenging, the concerts have been very busy. Therefore, Moravanka did not end with a gala concert, but with a performance on Wednesday in the falconry in Lomnice near Tišnov. “We’re letting it go to waste,” said Slabáková. However, everyone was touched and, in her opinion, the band leader shed a tear.

Slabák celebrated his 80th birthday this year. A few years ago he stopped playing the trumpet at concerts, he stayed with conducting. “After all, we’re not so young anymore, I can’t scream and sing that well. Plus, having to play a four-hour concert somewhere is hard work, which also hurts your shoulders and joints. Fortunately, my health serves me, my eyesight is good, but it was only recently that the doctor noticed that my hearing was a little worse. At concerts of these trumpets it’s a decent soundtrack, it has to appear somewhere, ”said Slabák in March of this year.

At the time, he was still thinking of handing Moravanka over to someone, but in the end the decision was made to end the band’s activities. There was no one who could or would take over the band’s baton and the big managerial worries associated with planning concerts and other brass music activities.

Dozens of albums remained after Moravance, which saw its greatest success in the 1980s and 1990s. A recording from Kyjov from August this year, presented as The Last Live Concert, is now available on DVD and two CDs. Moravanka’s greatest hits are recorded on it.

“I was always annoyed with Moravanka because they played better than our band, which I also disbanded,” said Václav Hybš, trumpeter, conductor, music arranger and former conductor of the Václav Hybš Dance Orchestra. “Honza (Slabák) and I are friends, we call each other every week. I think Moravanka was the first to notice how strongly Moravia plays the marching band. We had several concerts together, I remember such a big mix called From City to City. Moravanka deserves credit, she has always played flawlessly, ”he added.

Fans of the band, who regret the end of Moravanka on social networks, are comforted by the fact that there are many CDs and TV shows with their favorite brass music. Some also announced that they have proposed or will propose Jan Slabák for a state award. “He definitely deserves what he did for the marching band. He gave it a new sound, a new coat, ”said Slabáková.


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