220 soldiers of the Nevada National Guard are a

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Preparations are currently underway for the big New Year’s Eve party on the Las Vegas Strip.

Several hundred thousand people are expected to attend the fireworks.

Governor Steve Sisolak has called on the Nevada National Guard for help.

It’s not a new job.

Around 220 guardsmen and guardsmen will usher in the New Year on the Las Vegas Strip and downtown.

They’ll be here primarily to provide support and increase the security presence.

As Las Vegas prepares for the New Year’s Eve celebrations for which it is known worldwide, 8 News Now peeked at a briefing.

The Nevada National Guard reviews security logs in the Speedway Armory:

“We are ambassadors of the state of Nevada for everyone who celebrates here.”

Troops will assist the police and metro emergency management when the clock approaches midnight.

Governor Steve Sisolak came by to greet the troops.

“Having the guard there is absolutely essential,” said Sisolak.

He says the crowds are likely to be smaller than they were in the years before the pandemic. Still – officials are preparing for a few hundred thousand people.

Las Vegas leads the 2022 celebrations as other cities roll back due to COVID.

“It is difficult to reconcile business, security and people. We try to protect people as best we can and the best way to do that is to get vaccinated and refreshed. At the same time, we have to keep our economy going and fill these hotel rooms so people can work, ”said Sisolak.

It’s been a busy year for the National Guard – now a common sight during the pandemic.

“From the pandemic to help with PPE and forest fires,” said Maj. Gen. Ondra Berry of the Nevada National Guard. “For them this is something in preparation that they do on a regular basis. It’s just that you are in a different environment. That’s more on the front line. Put citizens in order. Watch out for potential threats out there. “

Resorts World is one of the new launch pads for the fireworks show.

The guard is working with the metro police to figure out where to line up.

We know that of the 220 soldiers, around 40 will be stationed at UMC and Sunrise Hospital.


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