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The design of Xiaomi’s clamshell folding phone seems to be getting more and more debated now. Even the news is getting livelier with a number of new lines of phones.

There are so many lines of smartphone companies involved in making flip phones with a clamshell design. So it can compete with the presence of Samsung products.

In addition to these cell phone companies, Xiaomi is now preparing a clamshell phone with a new design. Although Xiaomi has a clamshell phone, it is not satisfied with the presence of the Mi Mix Fold alone.

Now it’s going to re-launch a flip phone with a clamshell design like other companies. The registration of a Xiaomi cell phone with a patent for a new folding display device at CNIPA is even more optimistic.

Of the many new devices, flip phones will actually be popular in 2022. This is also proven by the Xiaomi clamshell folding phone design.

Then you can see from the efforts of the Xiaomi company to patent the design in the land of the Bamboo Curtain. The design is attractive with two cameras. In fact, there are many more advantages to this Xiaomi design.

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Take a look at the latest Xiaomi Clamshell Folding Phone Design

The use of Android phones is no longer just a means of communication. Especially now that there are many cell phone products that are very interesting with innumerable advantages. One of them is Xiaomi.

That one phone is back to revive the smartphone market in 2022. Flip phones are expected to actually be popular. There is of course a multitude of contemporary, attractive cell phone designs available at any time.

Like what is currently trending, namely cell phones with a clamshell design. Quote from GSM Arena when the latest Xiaomi phones come with entirely different specs.

The shape of the Xiaomi clamshell folding phone is unique. Based on existing patents, this flip display smartphone has interesting specifications.

The news is that it comes with a dual camera and a small screen on the side of the lens. The front camera has an oval screen hole design.

Interestingly, there is space for the SIM card slot, speakers and USB-C on the underside. The power button is located directly on the right side of the smartphone.

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Xiaomi new release date for the phone

It’s a little visible on the specs of the new Xiaomi product. In fact, the news is getting louder and louder. Unfortunately, there is still no information as to when the product in the Xiaomi clamshell folding phone design was officially launched on the market.

But it is certain that this new phone will slide further soon. This is an addition to the many lines of foldable clamshell models available on the market.

As you already know, a lot of smartphone companies came up with this design. Starting with Motorola, Huawei and Samsung. See you soon from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Clamshell Mirip Galaxy Z Flip

The news of the launch of the Xiaomi clamshell folding phone design earlier this year proves that the specs are getting thicker and thicker. This large collapsible mobile device also has a similar design to Samsung.

But after a few months, leaks began to show up again when this flip-display smartphone comes with application number 2020301357510, which has a clamshell design like the Galaxy Z Flip.

The specifications are clearly not yet in place, but they are there for the patent image. The image is the same one that has been patented and filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The design of the device is quite high and forms a small box when closed. It looks the same, but the design on the back is completely different.

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Interestingly, the second patent relates to the United States Patent Trademark Office (USPTO). In this case, denotes a device with a bi-directional folding design.

So that the similarity to the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold becomes more and more visible. It even looks different from the schematic that shows the stylus pen (S Pen) magnetically on the left back of the phone.

Design patent for Xiaomi flip phones

You have to keep in mind that Xiaomi already has a clamshell design on its own. It is possible that Xiaomi only registers it so that it does not lose competitiveness with other smartphone companies.

However, if the Xiaomi flip phone patent is to be produced, it is likely that competition for the flip phone will be busy in 2022.

To better understand the news, just wait for news from the latest Xiaomi clamshell folding phone design. (R10/HR-Online)


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