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The German PlayStation branch has decided to end 2021 by rounding up what fans of the stormy Krat can look forward to God of war Ragnarok. In the article we find already confirmed information, but also some new details.

What happens to Krat and his son in the icy north? We got to see it in September this year first gameplay recordingswhich has convinced many fans that this is exactly what everyone wants from the sequel to God of War in 2018.


In the Temple of Tire in God of War As of 2018, only six of the nine Nordic worlds could be crossed. The good news is that we will finally visit the remaining three in Ragnarök, that is Vanaheim, Svartalfheim one sgard – the home of Odin himself.

We are not only drawn to new worlds. Except you We’ll be exploring a number of new areas in already known empires. We will see, among other things Change to Midgard, which captures the infamous Fimbulwinter. Don’t you know what it is? In Scandinavian mythology, it is an immediate prelude to the events of Ragnarök, the end of the world. A great winter awaits us.

We can find everything in nine worlds – from the green jungle to complex mining networks. Santa Monica’s Grace Orlady promises that the Ragnarok locations are “more diverse, beautiful and mysterious than any previous God of War work”.


In the upcoming God of War we will have too a looser hand in deciding how to defeat your enemies. Do you prefer to invest experience points in combos or in better defenses? It depends on you. Of course they are available Krats blades of chaos and with them the known and effective attacks from earlier parts of the series, which they carry out simultaneously fight more vertically than in its predecessor.

Developers have been talking about the need for good and flexible tactics since Enemies are more diverse. It doesn’t matter whether he’s an ordinary opponent or a boss. Every duel in God of war Ragnarok should remain a memorable event.


Watch out for spoilers for those who didn’t play God of War from 2018!

Freya he’s a really tragic figure. The goddess, who lives secluded in the forest, turns out to be an important ally of our heroes during the God of War. However, at the end of the game, she is overtaken by past mistakes and she is ready for them Atonement for death.

When Kratos withholds this atonement from her, her original sympathy turns into hatred. Freya longs for revenge and in Ragnarök she leaves no stone unturned to punish Kratos with her martial arts and her magic.

Alike Thor. Odin’s descendant lost both sons to Krat’s hands, so he has reason to go after our favorite partan’s neck too. Thor’s already published drawing indicates the power of the god Aesir with his brutal hammer Mjölnir.

Are you also curious how Kratos and Atreus deal with these two adversaries?


Cory Barlog who made it a success God of War from 2018 he replaced at Ragnarök Eric Williams. The tradition continues that the development manager of each part is a different one. In order to to keep the games fresh.

Eric Williams is a veteran of the series and has been working on God of War since 2004. He has worked as a designer on previous episodes, specializing in combat systems. As development manager, he is now largely responsible for the story and its direction.

Barlov, on the other hand, does something different. Previously there was speculation about a science fiction project.


Speaking of history, then God of war Ragnarok is the end of the Nordic Saga series. We don’t expect the third part of this environment, the team did not want to extend the events and develop a Nordic adventure for another five years.

“Instead, the Santa Monica studio is focused on an exciting and epic story about the fall of the Norse gods. It’s back at the center of the plot complex relationship between Krat and his son Atreus,“ delivered by the German PlayStation.


God of war Ragnarök má first age rating. It did it in Saudi Arabia and, without surprise, the game is for 18+. The rating indicates that the title is playable from start to finish. In other words, the content development is complete and work is now under way to tweak, fix, and fine-tune.

If so, it could mean that God of War Ragnarok will be ready sooner. We gave you yesterday informed to the leak from the PlayStation database, where the release date was set for September 30, 2022. However, it can only be a preliminary date. Sony told us that earlier God of war Ragnarok will be released on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 in 2022.

One thing is for sure, Sony will release at least 2022:

Good news at the end, Ragnarok will be in God of War Czech subtitles. So are you looking forward to it?



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