Marcin Gortat commented sharply on Sousa’s behavior.

president PZPN Cezary Kulesza and his staff were successful in negotiating with Paulo Sousą. The Portuguese coach, who decided to leave the Polish national team for Brazilian Flamengo Rio de Janeiro, will pay the union 2 million zlotys. Negotiations saved another hundreds of thousands of zlotys from Sousa’s salary.

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Who will succeed Paulo Sousa? The candidate seems obvious. “He never hid it”

The Polish representative mocked Paulo Sousy. “I even thought I could play”

The details of the negotiations were announced on the portal. All conversations, with the exception of Paulo Sousa’s calls to Cezary Kulesza, were via email. In one of them, Hugo Cajuda, the coach’s advisor, argued against the termination of the contract with a hostile atmosphere towards Sousa, according to the informants from The voter was allegedly concerned about his health and his life because of comments on the net. To confirm this hypothesis, Cajuda should send anonymous sample Twitter posts that included this authorship Marcin Gortat. – I hope that Paulo Sousa will be on the Lego brick tomorrow morning! Olać from 40 million Poles… May the guest lose the first 5 games of the season and let them go right away – he wrote Gortat.

Gortat leaves no thread on Sousa and agents. “He can’t be like a rat”

In response to this information, Gortat posted another tweet. – After the new year I will bring out the signed “Lego MG13 blocks” which will be multifunctional … Children can play with them … You can step on them (I don’t want to) … You can unleash them with them conflict International. agents Sport they can make a fool of themselves – wrote the Polish basketball player.

He commented on this information again in an interview with WP Sportowe Fakty. – I think they all fell off their chairs when they heard this argument. How can an adult in such an important position make such an argument? It’s out of my head! It can’t even be called childish. It’s nonsense to write something like that, said Gortat.

– Every conscious person realizes that it was a mocking entry. You didn’t do the right thing and I turned it into a derisive text. I could have written a thousand other worse things. Even if a lot of people have written really worse things, it was my Lego brick that found “recognition” in Brazil. I find it hard to believe. this comedy Amid all that desperation, he added.

“We had this level of play for the past 12 years when Lato published Leo on TVN”

– Sousa was very unfair. It’s a shame for the players and staff PZPN, Sponsors and the most passionate fans. Let’s look at the oldest players on the national team. How many tournaments are there left for you to play? That could be the last for her world. And the coach makes fun of himself and leaves before such an important tournament. That is not done, it is a scandal. No honor, no character, and no class. I leave out the sporting aspect. I look at the human aspect. This is not done. I find his behavior unacceptable. The arguments that he got a better deal still amazes me. I think the trainer is the last person to leave the ship, not the first. He can’t be like a rat that happens to escape. He cheated on the team and millions of fans – Gortat sums up.

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