AMD is preparing a Super Resolution that will be displayed via the Control Panel – Post World

The following list contains games that already support FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), followed by games that are in the pipeline or for which support is currently in preparation. During the last update, the number of elements was moved to 71.

However, according to unofficial information, AMD is also preparing the so-called Radeon Super Resolution (RSR). The RSR differs from the FSR in much the same way that the CAS differs from the RIS. It’s basically the same technology but implemented on the game side in the first case and on the driver side in the second. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The game-side support gives better hope for a better result, a certain compatibility (within the game) and the application of the effect where desired (depending on the choice of the developer – the effect is only applied to game content, for example, but to texts and elements of the user interface are rendered at full resolution for maximum quality). The disadvantage, however, is that in games that do not support the technology, it cannot be turned on.

This, in turn, is a benefit of the driver support that Super Resolution can bring to a wide variety of games. However, the result of some of them may not be as good as the implementation by the developer who can fine-tune the effect and game to get the best result.

Radeon Super Resolution should have one major requirement for the game, which is to support the exclusive full screen mode.

Super Resolution has a big advantage over Nvidia NIS (Nvidia Image Scaling), which also doesn’t require game support. While NIS only works as an upscaler, an image enlargement algorithm, Super Resolution uses an additional pass in which it performs an edge reconstruction. Although the quality of its result depends on the quality of the anti-aliasing of the rendered image, it is always much higher than in the case of NIS, which is not concerned with edge reconstruction.

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