A lascivious teenage couple captured by video surveillance in Yakut have been arrested! – To the world


Police have arrested two teenagers whose viral video is suspected of having been seen sexual activity behind a car in the Central Sunter Mas area, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta. The North Jakarta Metro Police Chief, Kombes Guruh Arif Darmawan, confirmed the arrest.

“The perpetrator was arrested,” said Guruh on Thursday, December 30th, 2021, via SMS.

Separately, Tanjung Priok Police Chief Kompol Ricky Prenata Vivaldy said they were both arrested from their respective homes. So far, Ricky has not wanted to reveal the identity of the two perpetrators who are suspected of committing these lewd acts.

“Secured in their respective homes,” said Ricky.

They have now both been taken to the Tanjung Priok Police Department. The two young people are still being investigated by the police.

“That was still the subject of the investigation at the time,” said Ricky.

It was previously reported that the police had heard two witnesses who were nearby. The two witnesses are the owner, whose home has been turned into a couple of teenage perverts, and a security guard at the condominium.

“Two witnesses were heard, namely the owner of the house and the security complex,” said Ricky.

In the circulating video, the two are known to have had sexual activity by standing behind a black car. You see a teenager opening his mask slightly and looking at the conditions around him.

Meanwhile, the teenage girls remained standing. The teenage girl wears a mask.

The post contains several photo and video slides. The incident occurred on Thursday (December 30th) this afternoon near Sunter Mas Tengah, Tanjung Priok, north Jakarta.

“It happened this afternoon. You see, then I wanted to go out insertion the car in the garage. Well, there is someone behind that car. In my heart, I will check the video surveillance later. It turned out that they did, ”the caption reads.

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