The Queen’s Christmas speech will be particularly personal

LONDON – Queen Elizabeth is expected to deliver a particularly personal Christmas message to the nation this year after Buckingham Palace posted a photo of the monarch who posted the speech along with a picture of her and her husband the beginning of this Died year ago.

The picture provided by the palace showed the Queen in the White Salon of Windsor Castle, with a framed photo of Her Majesty and Prince Philip arm in arm in the foreground.

She is wearing the same sapphire and chrysanthemum brooch in both photos.

This Christmas marks the first since the death of Prince Philip, who died in April two months before his 100th birthday.

The coronavirus restrictions in place at the time of his funeral meant the queen was sitting alone – a poignant symbol of how she would spend her life as a widow.

The televised Christmas message is a tradition in Britain, a moment when the monarch ponders the importance of the holiday and the challenges facing the country.

When recording this year’s embassy, ​​the Queen wore a Christmas red shift dress made of embossed wool by the British designer Angela Kelly.

A lighted Christmas tree shone behind her.

Last year, the Queen took the opportunity to deliver a message of hope in the depths of the coronavirus pandemic and praise the “indomitable spirit” of scientists, rescue workers and others who have faced the challenges posed by COVID-19.


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