The most dangerous drugs in the first aid kit were voiced by the doctor – archyde

What drugs are dangerous

There are drugs that are said to be able to boost immunity. They are made on the basis of ginseng, but are hazardous to health.

“It (ginseng – ed.) Can really cause the immune system to be active, but it can also provoke the development of various autoimmune diseases that a person can have in their childhood,” said Kondrakhin.

Vitamin D3

It is not safe to take the popular vitamin D3. Despite the fact that there really isn’t enough sun in our climate, the first thing you should do is find out the content of this vitamin in your body and get tested.

Multivitamin Complexes and Diet Supplements

Do not take supplements or vitamins for any reason. Their effectiveness has long been disproved.

“At the same time, the work of British scientists, for example, has already shown that women who consume multivitamins in an uncontrolled manner are significantly more likely to develop breast cancer than those who rarely take vitamins,” said the doctor, shocked when she replied.


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