Telegram Testing Emoji Reactions for iOS; Could work similarly to iMessage, Instagram – archyde

Telegram recently announced new features including live text support and media subtitle formatting for iOS users. Now the instant messaging platform has been discovered working on a message reaction feature that will allow users to express their emotions in response to the messages they receive in the app. In the beta version of Telegram for iOS, users can reply to a message sent in groups or channels through various emojis. Users can choose from 11 different emojis to share reactions to the chat. This includes thumbs up, thumbs down, heart, and more. Similar to Instagram and iMessage, users can also see dynamic animation when selecting an emoji.

Testing emoji reactions for Telegram iOS platform was discovered on a Reddit Post. This feature allows users to select an emoji to express their reaction to a specific message or post on Telegram. As mentioned earlier, users can now choose from 11 reactions. According to the Reddit post, these are contain – Thumbs up, thumbs down, red heart, fire, party blasts, piles of poop, vomiting face, face with tears of joy, face crying loudly, face screaming and face covered in stars. This could work in a similar way to how responses are available on iMessage, Instagram, and Twitter.

The selected emoji reactions can be seen as small movement animations. In group chats or Telegram channels, users can click a message to see what reaction people left on each message. Administrators can turn off the emoji feature in groups. You can also allow a limited selection of reaction emojis.

Though it was found in the iOS version, Telegram for Android will likely get the feature at some point.

For now, Twitter, Instagram, and iMessage Allow users to express their emotions by adding emoji reactions to the messages they receive. WhatsApp was also said work to message reactions.


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