Samaritan helps two children escape after a gas station fire in Palm Harbor – archyde

PALM HARBOR, Florida – A good Samaritan rescued the two children of the woman who was killed in a fire at a Shell gas station in Palm Harbor on Wednesday, the Florida Highway Patrol reports.

When he saw that the fire was uncontrollable, Jared Pierson used the fire extinguishers near the gas pumps to get the kids away from the fire, explains FHP.

The two children, an 11-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl, were reportedly in the car when the fire broke out.

Police say the children got out of the car and tried to save their mother.

The fire broke out when a 66-year-old woman was moving her 2006 Nissan sedan into a gas pump, which resulted in it falling over on a woman who was pumping gasoline, FHP reports.

The children’s mother was wedged between the gas pump and her 2018 Honda SUV before some of the exposed gasoline went up in flames, according to FHP.

She allegedly died at the scene of the fire.

“Our hearts are heavy as we announce that an adult did not survive this incident. Our thoughts and prayers go with the victim’s family, ”wrote a fire department spokesman.

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