Rutte over formation:

The outgoing Prime Minister Rutte thinks that the education took so long, among other things, because the king no longer had a role. He says that in an interview with Telegraaf.

“In my opinion, what didn’t help is that the king was deposed,” says Rutte of the longest formation of all time. “Not that it suddenly takes three months less if you bring it back, but it would help.”

In 2012, the rules of procedure were changed so that the informants are from now on appointed by Parliament. At that time, a majority of MPs found it undemocratic that the king should be involved in the formation of a new cabinet. As a result, Willem Alexander now mainly has a ceremonial function, but Rutte now questions this.

From the interview it is not clear why, according to Rutte, the king’s presence could have shortened the formation.

Corona Policy and Omtzigt

Speaking to De Telegraaf, the outgoing Prime Minister also admits that he has made a number of mistakes. Among other things, he refers to the corona policy. He agrees that the booster campaign could have started earlier. “I also think that one has to conclude from this that the first Corona package from November was not strong enough, the second package was.”

Rutte also criticizes his role in the excitement surrounding MP Pieter Omtzigt. The notes from which it appears that Omtzigt is a “Function elsewhere“Was the beginning of a turbulent formation.

“It was long, too long,” says Rutte. “And of course that’s not a good thing. It started with my mistake of mine. In addition, parties had positions where they wanted and didn’t want to. I support the line that we have chosen as VVD. I’m not taking it alone. “

Despite the self-criticism, the Netherlands will not see a completely different line in the new cabinet, the outgoing Prime Minister told De Telegraaf. “It is impossible to reinvent yourself. Like a snake that is shedding its skin, I don’t believe in that at all, ”said Rutte.

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