Robert Kubica’s emotional confession.

Kubica He made sincere confessions in the interview that summarized last season. The Pole admitted that his Belgian WRT team didn’t have the best car. They were never the fastest in dry conditions, but they had another advantage. – We were the most balanced squad and the one who made the fewest mistakes. It was the key. And something that has given not only us, but also the engineers, a lot of trust when it comes to strategy and the certainty that you don’t have to think about the happiness of a particular driver in order to drive at a particular point in time – he admitted in an interview for “The sports report“.

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Robert Kubica falls after terrible bad luck

Despite the imperfections, the team WRT rubbed against winning in Le Mans. Unfortunately, the Polish team had bad luck there. Remember that on the last lap 363 of the 24-hour race, her car stopped. As a result, the team lost a win in the LMP2 category. The Toyota team won the competition with a hybrid GR010.

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– Feel the emotions I knew in karting or when I was racing in different categories for the first time at a young age – it was fun! It surprised me how much I wasn’t even angry, but disappointed with what happened – the Polish driver now admits. No wonder, because Kubica was on the verge of one of the greatest successes of his career, and again bad luck happened to him.

Robert also noticed the positive aspects of this season. After all, he had the opportunity to sit in the F1 car again in 2021. It’s during a track competition Monza. Although in this case the first thoughts were by no means optimistic. – The first thought was that I couldn’t have done worse on the track, at the time of year, because I hadn’t driven an F1 car for a long time. I have never driven more than 2-3 laps in a row with this car. I was a little selfish because I was so sorry that if something like this happened it hadn’t happened 12 months earlier. I had a much better feeling about the car then. Now I knew that my job would not be easy – describes Kubica.

In the qualification sprint Italian Grand Prix The Pole took eighteenth place. In the main race, however, he improved by 4 positions. – If Monza were the normal format it would be much better. We also wanted to try a solution that could help me feel the car that I missed in this year’s car from the start of the season. But you can’t do without it with just one training session before qualifying. Although if I could go back now, I would sacrifice him … – the 37-year-old driver remembers.

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