Probably the most beautiful Christmas music video was shot in the Ropaži church this year – Nach Welt

A video was filmed in the beautifully lit Ropaži Church in which an unconventional Christmas carol is sung by the singing group of Aleksandrs Spitzbergs and men, with the participation of guitarist Vladimir Kudrin and percussionist Elvis Endelis.

“This year has shown us how different we are and how different we perceive the world. And it’s not about right – wrong, better – worse. These are different perceptions that we didn’t know about before. The fact that people share certain core values ​​is no guarantee that they will in all respects.

The Christmas story is reminiscent of 2,000 years ago, when it was difficult for us today to imagine how different people’s opinions and thoughts might have been.

It turns out that God lived here among us to embrace the human spirit! And where else in the days when Mary was waiting for the birth of Christ … It was impossible to believe that the Son of God would be born! Yet there were people who knew this – and there was a living nature that recognized the Son of God in the newborn.

So let’s not rush to condemn anyone who sees the world differently than we do, ”exclaims the talented singer Alexander Spitzbergen.

“La Peregrinación” or “Pilgrimage” is part of the Christmas suite “Birth of the Lord”, which was composed in 1964 by the Argentine composer Ariel Ramires.

The pilgrimage.  Our Christmas.  Ariel Ramirez as Aleksandra Spicberga

It is very likely that the melody of the composition will appear surprisingly close and familiar to many listeners. That’s because it sounded incredible, but for many years it was in the launch of the “Wildlife” program that was once so popular in the Soviet Union.

The story of the piece is really wonderful. The melody has moved from Argentina to France, where it became popular under the name “Cīrulītis” because the first words of the song in the original language sound similar to the French word “Cīrulītis”. Already with such a name and author of the French arrangement, it came to Russia as a composer and was chosen as the theme song for the popular show about animals. Several generations of Soviet viewers have listened to a program that tells the story of the birth of Christ.

A year ago, viewers had the opportunity to hear the sacred singing program of the musicians’ association “Time. She. Prayer “This recording brings to light the lesser-heard spiritual songs of various nations and shows that no matter how different we may be and how different our prayers are, when sung from the heart, they all have tremendous power to speak when sounds in a foreign language.

The video was shot in the Ropaži Church. The video was created by Kārzis Zemītis, Aleksandrs Okonovs and Una Celma Sound Director – Andris Ūze, producer – Māra Špicberga.


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