One4All backlog may not be cleared until after Christmas – archyde

The company behind the One4All gift cards claims it has fixed a bug that has prevented thousands of customers from activating their e-money vouchers.

However, it can take days to clear a backlog of requests.

That means it will likely be after Christmas before the money can be spent on many of the cards.

And the central bank said it could investigate the situation that has made some cards inoperable so far.

Earlier this week, it found that thousands of consumers were frustrated by issues activating the cards on the One4All gift cards.

They are waiting to receive personal identification numbers (pins) to activate the e-money cards. This means that they cannot use them.

In accordance with EU money laundering regulations, people who receive a gift card must create an account, download an app, enter an eight-digit code and upload photo ID before they can use the digital chip and PIN cards.

However, incorrect information on the One4All website meant that the validation of the cards could not be carried out successfully.

And many calls to helpline phones went unanswered as customer service reps were overwhelmed with the number of calls while a third of them are down with Covid-19.

Hundreds of companies have given One4All cards to their employees as a bonus to thank them for their efforts during the pandemic.

The company benefits from a tax break that enables employers to give every employee tax-free bonuses of up to € 500 per year if the money is transferred by gift card rather than cash.

Anti-money laundering regulations mean that cards over € 150 must be verified online before they can be used.

Dozens of people have used social media to criticize card activation issues.

Disgruntled customers have complained of “serious customer service issues” trying to activate their chip and PIN cards.

The central bank confirmed that GVS Prepaid (Europe) Limited, the company behind the One4All cards, is authorized by it as an e-money institution.

She did not comment on the supervision of certain companies.

However, it added: “While the central bank does not investigate individual consumer complaints, the central bank may choose to investigate serious or systemic general complaints about regulated financial services providers.”

It said it expects all regulated companies to take a consumer-centric approach and act in the best interests of their customers at all times.

EU anti-money laundering legislation requires photo ID to be verified before e-money gift cards with a value between € 150 and € 500 can be used.

In a statement, the card issuer said: “One4All would like to apologize to all customers who have had difficulty activating their One4all Chip and Pin Gift Cards or delays in contacting our customer service team in the past few days.”

The delay in activating the cards has now been resolved and customers have either already received their PIN or will receive it within the normal timeframe according to the company’s terms and conditions.

“One4All would like to assure customers and trading partners that we are working hard to answer all inquiries carefully,” it says.

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