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Placing an order on the drinks cart during a flight may not seem like a big deal.

But according to one flight attendant, cabin crew knows everything they need to know about you from that one drink order – so you may want to choose more carefully next time.

Kat Kamalani revealed what beverage orders say about the customer

Kat Kamalani shared a tiktok video explaining what different drinks say about the person who orders them.

She said, “What you order on a plane says a lot about you, and I’ll tell you about it in a moment.

“When you order DC [Diet Coke], you’re probably a mom, you’re probably on your way to Disneyland, and you’re probably addicted, so you can’t go a day without your Diet Coke.

“It’s like your alcohol, but you don’t drink alcohol.

“Even when you order Coke, you personally hate it Air Stewardess, and if you don’t understand why, just read the comments, the flight attendants will be sure to tell you. “

A cabin crew member explained that Diet Coke takes too long to pour With the bubbles as soft drinks, the pressure in the cabin increases the foaming rate.


As Kat pointed to a picture of an old man, she continued, “Our black coffee drinkers are these guys, my favorite people.

“By the way, never drink coffee or tea from an airplane. If you don’t know why, check out my previous videos. “

Reportedly, Kat said you should never ask for anything with hot water because that Tanks are never cleaned – and are right next to the toilets.

She continued: “Sparkling water: You are my boujee, people with fine taste.


If you order Diet Coke, chances are you’re mom and you’re on your way to Disneyland
Never drink coffee on a plane - the water tanks are rarely cleaned


Never drink coffee on a plane – the water tanks are rarely cleaned
Ginger ale can help passengers feel less nauseous while flying


Ginger ale can help passengers feel less nauseous while flying

“You order a mimosa, you are my business people who sit in first class and just enjoy life and work on your little computer.”

In a separate video she continued, “My ginger ale lovers, they drink this because they does not want to hurl to the left, to the right, to the front, to the back, so they think this will be their salvation so as not to hurl at their neighbors.

“My tomato juice types are three different people.

“One, they only drink Tomato juice while they are flying because they think it tastes better on a plane.

“Two are people who have not eaten and think this is going to add some kind of substance and they are going to have this for lunch.

“Or three is my party type of people ready to have a good time.

“If you get Sprite, your mom ordered it for you and you’re probably five years old.”

The videos received more than 2 million views and a lot of people were on board with the Diet Cola complaints.

One person wrote, “As a former flight attendant, I can say we all hated the Diet Coke people.”

Another person commented: “I always ask about the can of Diet Coke because I won’t keep the flight attendant waiting for it [to] stop hissing. “

A third wrote: “The bubbles NEVER go down, it takes a million years.”

Here are the Five drinks that you should never order on a flight – and you should.

A flight attendant revealed how to get free drinks on the plane.

Sparkling water is for people with a fine taste


Sparkling water is for people with a fine taste

video-6284648029001″ class=”brightcove “>I’m a flight attendant and you should avoid these seats if you don’t want to get cold on the plane


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