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JAKARTA How to lock apps Many people want to know that personal data is secure. Both Android and iPhone users certainly want the right level of protection, especially when it comes to privacy.

Therefore, they are looking for different ways to use the application so that important applications on smartphones cannot be called or opened by others at random.

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It is undeniable that more and more people are curious about other people’s privacy. In fact, this is a personal area that others should not interfere with.

In order to maintain the safety and privacy of smartphone users, one of the most important steps that needs to be implemented is locking down important applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, Gallery, etc.

The most recommended locking app for this purpose is AppLock, a free app created by DoMobile Lab.

To implement the application, you can follow the steps below.

The following how to lock apps on Android, which can be emulated, as reported by Life Wire on Thursday (December 10th, 2020).

1. How to pin lock apps on Android


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