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TV Christmas features the rebel princess, the Christmas boy and Maria Theresia

His latest spectacle How Not to Marry a Princess will again offer humor, suspense and of course great love. And on top of that a great cast, including the contemplative Prince Leopold, played by Marek Adamczyk, and the rebellious Princess Josefina, played by Anna Fialová.

But back to the three jurors – how did you go about casting? Was it a difficult choice?
Judges play a very important role in our new fairy tale. It’s not that they show up at the beginning and then don’t interfere. On the contrary, they go through the story from beginning to end, so we really needed magical creatures. In addition, they are written in such a way that they are not only perfect fairy tale characters, but also have something to do with each other. So to cast her we had to “reach out” for phenomenal actresses to stand out from everyone else. We didn’t choose them specifically, it was our first choice – we wanted such a star set: a good judge, a strict judge, and a somewhat confused one.

Fairy tale judge Daniela Kolářová: I follow several customs at Christmas

So what is your main job? I think it’s a prophecy …
As usual. Prince Leopold is going to marry a princess from a neighboring kingdom. The parents are happy about it, but their offspring are not. When the day of the princes’ wedding comes, which they still can’t come to terms with, they discover that the judges have a magic watch. Thanks to them, they can return to past and future times so that they can borrow them without permission. He will accompany you until the trial is announced in order to prevent it. However, it will cause other much worse things that they will need to fix.

Time travel probably promises a nice trick show.
Definitely. For the second time we worked with UPP on tricks. We didn’t want the result of our endeavors to look like science fiction. No lenses or “suction”. We wanted to do them in a very fairytale spirit. In addition, the aforementioned studio created other gadgets for us, such as smoke from the castle, which we couldn’t afford to light up, of course. But time travel is really a masterpiece!

Iva Janžurová: I’m a little confused

How will your judge be?
I am quite confused, my two “colleagues” have to guide me a little and not be ashamed.

What convinced you to play in the fairy tale?
When they called me to offer me a part in a fairy tale directed by Karel Janák, I told myself that I wouldn’t even have to read Petr Hudský’s script. I accepted it right away.

Lenka Vlasáková

I do not want to go back. We consciously step on the brakes, says Lenka Vlasáková

In a fairy tale you carry a magic watch with you. Where would you go with them
I plan to go back to my eighty at a hundred and ten. So until now!

Nada Konvalinkova: I only say nice things

What about your judge?
Mine is good – I’m such a counterpart to Dana Kolářová and I only say nice things.

The public also associated the fairy tale Honza with an almost royal and children’s work in general. Do you like it?
It is true that I have appeared in television fairy tales a lot. I also made a fairy tale in which I played a negative role, which is Horned Love. I also like dance over two hells where I played a devil.

Three wishes for Cinderella (far left and right offender with a kiss)

Two men kissed green in Cinderella, Norway. Czech viewers see the full version

Speaking of time travel – where would you go?
I would go back to the times when I could ask Grandma anything.

Daniela Kolářová: I am a strict teacher

What does your judge promise?
She is such a strict teacher who has a tenet that she is telling the truth.

What is your relationship with fairy tales?
I grew up with fairy tales! My parents read them to us and later I read them myself. I still think the book is the best gift. One of my favorite fairy tales is The Snow Queen.

What time would you go thanks to the magic clock?
Until I was ten or twelve years old, so I could skate in Karlsbad.


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