Five spots for 2022

The year went like water down the drain. Many things happened, many discussions became frayed, many plans changed. The pandemic continues to dominate the conversation and the country deepened its polarization. However, and for the good of all, the apocalyptic omens of the radical opposition groups are not fulfilled and the triumphalism of those who feel morally superior because they now govern vanish amidst a stubborn and complex reality. 2022 will be a decisive year for the country on various issues, I list five on which I believe should be focused.

Electrical reform. The destiny of the country’s energy policy is defined in the first months of next year. The opposition says that as it was sent, the reform will not pass, but we have no doubt that there will be changes in some basic and urgent things, such as interconnection rates. Beyond shouting and shadowing, the underlying issues and risks remain up in the air: the relationship between power generation and the environment, the treatment of private investment in this sector and the state’s leadership in energy matters. Not solving these three things correctly mortgages the future of the country.

Health. Beyond the risks posed by the epidemic, the vulnerability of the health sector continues to be the issue to be resolved by the López Obrador administration. Despite the intervention of the Army in the distribution of medicines, the supply will not improve because the purchasing system continues to be atrophied. If 2021 was a year in which social protests and claims were mainly linked to health, the next one, due to accumulation, fatigue and despair, could be even more critical.

Security: Stabilizing the number of people killed above 30,000 per year for the third consecutive year is not acceptable to any government. There is a lot of money invested and very little results in terms of security. If in 2022 there is no substantial reduction in violence rates in the country, the pressure on the policy of “hugs not bullets” may change the perception of public opinion, as happened to Calderón in the fourth year of government.

Corruption: Corruption scandals in the first circle of government continue to rise. If for any administration corruption is a political wear and tear that can lead to paralysis (Peña Nieto knows this) for López Obrador it is pure poison. The discourse of no corruption in the government and even that of corruption in this government is not tolerated has been exceeded. 2022 could be the year in which, due to the survival of the political group, the persecution of figures of the current administration takes place for corruption.

INE: The Electoral Institute is risking its life next year. It is not only how the revocation of the mandate comes out, that from today we can bet that whatever happens, the fault will be the INE’s, but the atmosphere of tension in which political reform and the appointment of new directors are discussed, in particular the president director . It makes all the sense in the world to review our electoral system and its costs, but what is at stake is the stability of the republic and that is worth more than any savings.
P.S. Happy holidays and the best for 2022. See you on January 3.

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