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IN QUARANTINE: Erna Solberg (H). Here from the Christmas interview with VG 2018.

Former Prime Minister Erna Solberg has been quarantined again and will have to be alone this Christmas.


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It is the conservative leader himself who reports about it on his Instagram account.

– I’m in the basement of the house in Bergen because I ended up in quarantine again. Like many others who cannot celebrate Christmas with their loved ones, she says.

Even earlier in December Solberg had to be quarantined when her husband Sindre Finnes was diagnosed with Covid-19. The Conservative leader says she is fortunate to have room for her own house and has a family upstairs.

– There are many who have a harder time, she says in a video on Instagram in which she also sums up the last week.

Solberg celebrates as usual in Bergen and has former tells that on Christmas Eve she eats chops, both smoked and unsmoked, with Vossa sausage and kohlrabi puree.

Norway’s former prime minister is also being quarantined in the part of the Solberg family home that previously housed PST when Solberg was the country’s leader.

Wondering how long to stay in quarantine? Take VG’s quarantine computer:

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