Desertification – Desertification worldwide: Global devastation: The desert is growing |

The reasons

The new arid areas are called “man made deserts” because human intervention usually forces them to expand.

Overgrazing of land
Too many cattle eat too many plants, the soil loses its protective vegetation layer, becomes looser and eroded.

Overuse of soils
Shorter fallow periods and incorrect arable farming techniques deprive the soil of nutrients and reduce vegetation. This also promotes erosion.

Destruction of forests
The tree population is drastically reduced for the production of firewood or construction wood, arable land or areas for industry or residential property. These regions are deserted.

Consumption / waste of water
Immense water resources are being withdrawn from nature for growing populations, agricultural irrigation and tourism.

Climate change
Human-induced global warming also contributes to the growth of deserts.

The consequences

These factors mean that the corresponding regions are no longer able to regenerate naturally – a threat to the entire ecosystem:

– The water balance is disturbed.
– The fertility of the soil is decreasing.
– More vegetation-free areas are created.
– This increases evaporation and the soil dries out.
– The biodiversity is decreasing.

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