Decline in people visiting COVID vaccine sites in North Yorkshire – archyde

The NHS says the vaccine’s uptake is good in the county, but attendance has been going down in recent days.

The number of people showing up for a COVID booster in North Yorkshire has decreased in the past two days.

The NHS in the county says 78 percent of those eligible for the vaccination accepted the offer.

The district’s head nurse Sue Peckitt explains why she thinks fewer people schedule appointments.

Sue Peckitt says over 90% of the eligible population have now received a first dose of a COVID vaccine, with the second and third doses also heavily absorbed.

The latest data shows that the rate of COVID infection is increasing in the Scarborough borough, but is lagging behind both the North Yorkshire and All England rates.

The county’s average infection rate over seven days per 100,000 population is 352, while that of North Yorkshire is 561 and the UK average is 1006.

The numbers suggest that there are around 81,000 new cases in England each day, with 496 in North Yorkshire and 55 in the Scarborough borough.


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