China plans Olympic bubble in Beijing with no holes or hugs – archyde


Pretty much everyone. In Tokyo, the athletes stayed in a bubble, but there was more flexibility for others involved in the Games, such as the army of volunteers, which is central to all Olympics.

Tokyo was a bubble – but it had holes.

But in Beijing, athletes, media, volunteers, cleaners, cooks and bus drivers will all be in the bubble. The organizers have not yet announced how many people this will be, but there will be almost 3,000 athletes at the start.

While the Tokyo Olympics were held in front of mostly empty arenas, Beijing will be crowded, but audience numbers are likely to be limited.

Fans are not going to be “closed loop” so organizers somehow have to make sure they don’t mix with athletes and others in the bubble.

People living in China must be quarantined after exiting the bladder.


Unlike Tokyo, everyone must be fully vaccinated or must go through a 21-day quarantine when landing in China.

The organizers do not insist that people have a booster dose, but the International Olympic Committee says it is “strongly encouraged”.

Everyone in the bladder is tested for the virus daily and must wear face masks at all times. In Tokyo, this also extended to the medal winners on the podium, although they were briefly allowed to take off their masks for photos after the award ceremony. Beijing probably seems to have the same rule.

People were also told to minimize social interactions “like hugs, high fives, and handshakes,” the IOC says.

Beijing organizers have made it clear that those who do not obey the rules could be excluded from the games.

Diplomats in the Chinese capital have told AFP that the bubble may look so impregnable that they fear they will not be able to provide adequate assistance to the people inside.


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