Charge d’Affaires of Ukraine loaded into the Russian Foreign Ministry on December 24th – archyde

The Russian Foreign Ministry vigorously protested the Ukrainian diplomat and urged Ukraine to honor its international obligations to ensure the security of Russian diplomatic and consular missions.

This is an incident that occurred in Lviv on the night of December 24th. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, a stranger threw a Molotov cocktail on the territory of the Consulate General, which caught fire and “endangered the security of a foreign facility”.

“On this occasion, the Consulate General of Russia sent a note to the regional office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and an appeal to the head of the Main Directorate of the National Police in Lviv asking for urgent measures to be taken to improve the security of the institution and its staff, as well as the To seek and punish those responsible, ”the statement from the Russian diplomatic service said.

They found that the Russian embassy in Kiev had sent a similar message to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.


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